Reduces the strain on your lower back and back

According to the National Living Conditions Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, “low back pain” ranks first among subjective symptoms for men and second for women. In other words, even if you don’t go to the hospital, you can see that there are a lot of people who say, “I’m busy and my back feels heavy” or “I sometimes feel something wrong with my back.” Back Joy restores the natural arch of the pelvis and spine by aligning the pelvis, reducing the strain on the lower back when sitting. Use it if you have to sit for a long time.

– When driving for a long time
– When traveling by plane
– When driving a long-distance bus

Improve concentration and work efficiency

By sitting on the backjoy, you can sit in the correct position of the pelvis. This means that you can sit comfortably and comfortably. Sitting in good posture reduces pressure on the lungs, making it easier to breathe unconsciously and making the oxygen supply to the brain easier. Use it in situations where you need to concentrate for a long time.

– For studying for exams
– For improving work efficiency
– To read aloud

Improve concentration and work efficiency

Sitting on BackJoy allows you to stabilize your pelvis in a good position, and this allows your spine, which tends to curl when you sit, to form an S-curve (curvature) naturally. In addition, the “Corrective Cradle System”, a feature of BackJoy, maintains the S-shaped curvature (curvature) of the spine while allowing the body to move freely. On your spine are very large and important muscles that support your core. That core muscle begins to work well with the spine’s natural S-curve. In other words, if the pelvis is not in a good position and the S-shaped curve cannot be formed, the muscles that support the trunk cannot function, making it easier to feel discomfort in the lower back and tightness in the back. . Recently, in the sports world, this S-shaped curve and awareness of the trunk has been taken away. For those who are mostly aware of their core during training and those who are interested in their own posture, sitting on BACKJOY makes it easier to be aware of their core.

– For those who are training
– For those who usually worry about their posture
– For those who go to a treatment clinic or an osteopathic clinic

Just sitting in the right position makes you look beautiful on the inside (improvement of the gut environment)

Bad posture after eating puts pressure on the internal organs. The internal organs tend to move downwards and the peristaltic movement of the internal organs does not work properly. When peristalsis stops working, digestion does not progress and food remains in the stomach for a long time. It causes a heavy stomach and indigestion, and gas builds up in the gut, putting pressure on the stomach and making you feel bloated. By sitting in the correct position of the pelvis with back joy, the internal organs will also be in the correct position. Sitting in the right position not only strains the lower back and looks good, but also “makes you beautiful from the inside out”. * Peristaltic movement is an undulating movement that occurs when the muscles around the stomach and intestines contract when eating food. It mixes food and gastric juices in the duodenum.

– For those who have a lot of sedentary work, such as office workers
– For people with a weak stomach
– For those prone to constipation due to environmental changes such as travel

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