ABENA Abri-Flex (Premium) Pull Up Pants

Size : M1, M3, L1, L3, XL1

Sku : 1102000041083, 1102000041085, 1102000041086, 1102000041088, 1102000041089

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Abri-Flex is our premium range of modern pull-ups that can be worn like standard underwear for moderate to heavy incontinence. The discreet pull-up pants are made from breathable and super soft material to maintain healthy skin. The waistband offers a secure and comfortable fit for the user.

The products feature the Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity. The efficient core technology provides rapid absorption. The combination of leakage barriers (lengthwise and cross barriers) and elicitation offer full ultimate leakage protection. The odour control system minimizes unpleasant smells. The wetness indicator with graduated scale guides the user and career to the product with the right absorption level. For discreet disposal roll up the product and secure it with the built-in z-tape at the back.


  • Abri-Flex products can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the user’s feeling of freedom and dignity.
  • Abena Abri-Flex adult diaper is made with Air Plus features which is a cloth-like exterior cover that makes the product noiseless and discreet.
  • Fits the user’s body snugly with its elasticated wrap around which minimizes the risk of leakage.
  • Guards against even the most vulnerable part of incontinence products – leg leakage barriers. Which will help beat embarrassing and messy leaks running down the user’s legs.
  • Wetness indicator allows caregivers to keep an eye on whether it’s time to change their charge’s diaper without even opening it. Freeing you up to focus on and juggle other tasks.
  • The advanced technology quick absorption material prevents user’s feeling soaking wet throughout the day, avoids skin irritation & enhances the dignity of the user.
  • The highly absorbent material translates to longer sustainability, reduced changing frequency, and stretched dollars.
  • The absorbent core has odor eliminators which reduces the risk of unpleasant odors.
  • Ideal for users or caregiver who is looking for a low to medium incontinence solution.
Size Hip size Absorbency level
Abri-Flex M1 80-110 cm 1400 ml
Abri-Flex M3 80-110 cm 2400 ml
Abri-Flex L1 100-140 cm 1400 ml
Abri-Flex L3 100-140 cm 2400 ml
Abri-Flex XL1 130-170 cm 1400 ml


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