OPPO Knee Support Breathable Neoprene (RK101)



  • Short version assists light exercise to maintain physical function.
  • Strong straps with adjustable hook and loop closures enable repeated all-day wear and offer custom fit, stability, and slip prevention.
  • Tailored design prevents wrinkling or bunching when bending knee for daily activities.
  • Open circular shape relieves pressure on the kneecap.


  • Position opening over kneecap.
  • Wrap and secure shorter strap behind knee joint, between upper and lower straps.※Trim excess strap length to prevent discomfort due to overlap.
  • Wrap and secure upper and lower straps to front of support.※Strap with OPPO logo should be lowest.
    ※ After you complete the wearing instructions, the OPPO logo location may vary depending on your body shape or the side of wearing.


  • This product supports your injured or weak knee and relieves pain. Breathable neoprene provides sustained compression during movement, keeping you from further injuries. It’s suitable for exercise or daily use.