ETAC Edge (Shower Stool) (8180 1010) (MDA CERT: GMD89214474418A)

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Etac Edge shower stool

A stable and safe three-legged stool thanks to its unique design

With its smart, triangular design, Etac Edge fits well in smaller spaces or shower corners. Users can straddle the seat for increased stability. Another option is to lower one leg slightly and straddle the seat over this corner. This way the seat angle opens and can relieve an aching hip.

Edge shower stool is a height-adjustable, comfortable triangular shower stool that fits perfectly in a corner. Thereby it takes up very little space in the shower. To vary the seat position, the stool can be turned so that a corner faces forward. Material: Polypropylene, aluminium. Dimension: Total width: 52cm. Seat width: Base 45cm. Height adjustable: 42~57cm.