BACKJOY Imphy Back Stretcher

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How to Use

  • Before use, do some preparatory exercises to warm your body and use it in a warm place.
  • Place it on a wall or floor, or place it on the back of a chair.
  • Apply pressure within 30 seconds per location, and use within 10 minutes in total.
  • Apply pressure to the compressed area by its own weight. When using on the back, the thinner end is Please apply so that it is directly below your navel.
  • Just put it on your back and sleep! This gear is perfect for extending the thoracic spine and improving posture.
  • By the compression loosening effect by the uneven grid during massage and stretching, Loosens the firm and twisted fascia and promotes blood circulation.
  • It is also recommended as a measure against stooping that occurs during long hours of desk work.
  • It is effective to stretch your arms and stretch your entire back.

* Please use in a position that does not press the waist (lumbar spine) or neck (cervical spine).

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