ABENA Abri Bag


The Abri-Bag Commode Liners by Abena are an ideal solution for those with limited mobility, eliminating the task of carrying a full commode pan to a bathroom. They feature a super absorbent pad made from fluff (cellulose) and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), which quickly absorb body fluids in both a clean and hygienic way. The pad will absorb up to 630ml of fluid by locking it into the gel, ensuring no sloshing fluids and allowing for easy disposal.

In addition to locking in the fluid, the pad also contains odors providing the user with peace of mind when using a commode in their home. Individually wrapped for convenient withdrawal and handling, the bags are easily sealed with built-in plastic straps that can be disposed of in your regular waste. The commode liners are single-use disposable liners, to be used in combination with a bedpan or commode.


  • No more yuck: locks in fluid & odour with super absorbent polymer liner
  • Easy handling and disposal: Fits standard commode buckets/bed pan
  • Super absorbent: absorbs up to 630ml body fluid
  • Mess free disposal: the pad convert body fluids into gel, avoiding any mess!
  • Eliminate Odor: Unpleasant odors are trapped and suppressed upon proper seal with built-in drawstring
  • Latex free: prevent allergy for sensitive skin



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